Get your school booklist without the hassle!

Order your StAC school booklist from us for delivery to your home in the first two weeks of January 2020. 

After 25th December $5 is added to all booklists.

All orders placed after 17th January will be delivered to the school office for collection.


About A Plus

A Plus is a family owned business which was started as a result of the frustration of the lack of reliable/quality services available to busy parents.  As a working mum I found the back to school run around after Christmas filling book lists for 4 children very stressful and time consuming.  Searching for the exact products on 4 lists meant wandering the shops for hours, sometimes days and often with children in toe, of course!  Not the ideal end of 8 weeks of school holidays or the calm start to the new year!

The primary focus of A+ is back to school book lists.  The idea is to take all the stress and work out of back to school and make it a simple process for parents.  A+ offers a high quality, reliable service that parents can trust.  Parents are kept informed throughout the ordering, packing and delivery process so there is no more wondering.  We are also readily available via facebook, email, phone, SMS or post.

Welcome to A Plus